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Cold storage investors

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Cold storage investment volumes in Asia Pacific grew nearly fivefold from 2019 to hit.

He said the companies are now operating under a newly created umbrella organization, 1850 Investments, which is approaching 200 million in assets under management.

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As Asia Pacific grows wealthier and more populous, consumer demand is driving investor interest in cold storage warehouses. Macquarie Asset Management joins the growing number of asset managers launching a private markets fund for accredited investors or qualified investors.

Its demand is driven by the growing global population and our evolving food preferences; its supply, however, is hampered by high barriers to entry, resulting in attractive and sustainable. .

Colliers forecasts the Indian cold chain sector is expected to grow at 14 CAGR during next three years driven by growth of online grocery, pharmaceutical sales and the ongoing Covid-19.

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Today, approximately 70 of the industry&x27;s total capacity is controlled by 10 companies.

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